Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Socializing No More

As an experiment, I discontinued using the internet in August. I started with Twitter, progressed to Facebook and finally concluded by not posting on my blog anymore. I did not stop article marketing and responding to emails (since that's what I do for a living), but I ditched social media and my involvement in it like a hot potato, and I have not logged on since. If I wish to see photos of my lovely niece, I had to send an email to my sister to ask for them. I had more vacant time in my daily itinerary to hit the gym. The less amount of time I spent running my online brand, the more real world possibilities came. Below are some grounds that you should take note of so that you can easily detach yourself from you Facebook newsfeed:

It causes harm to your self-esteem

Although studies for Social Media Anxiety Disorder is mainly anecdotal during these days, a study held in the United Kingdom discovered that more than half  of social media end-users considered their involvement in social networking as creating an overall damaging impact on their day to day lives. Particularly, they pointed out the setback on their self-esteem that originates from contrasting themselves to friends on Facebook and Twitter as the greatest problem. It seems banal, but one cannot sense anxiety regarding the accomplishments of their old university roomy or that girl from work with really nice clothes if you don’t know anything about them to start with. And forget about cyber stalking your ex boyfriend; it is as harmful as you would imagine.

Changes in your blood pressure will become evident

Social media is a battlefield of bad conduct – flame wars, boasting, whacking and cute criminal offenses over grammar, and other misconducts. If you find yourself unnecessarily annoyed by, for example, so called Millennial blogging about their dissatisfaction at being denied iPads by Santa Claus, or becoming a victim of Godwin’s Law whilst fighting with cyber people, it may be about time you take a quick timeout. Be sure that getaway is a genuine one – no downloading of applications to handle your online obligations for you.

Being online is not a necessity

Pretty much a 1/4 of Americans state that they have skipped on essential life opportunities in their pursuit to discover and memorialize themselves for social media. Give a thought about the next picture you will post on Instagram on your wedding anniversary dinner at McDonald’s. With the worldwide presence of communications technology, it is not difficult to persuade oneself that the electronic world is where every happenings are and that the energy we apply into generating our internet empire immediately relates to IRL advantages like getting a new career or meeting a new partner. Over ninety percent of job seekers of any age seek for work over the web, and a tinier chunk are doing real world job hunting strategies like participating in marketing events or attending job interviews. As a matter of fact, a full 70 – 80% of job positions open are not even once posted online, to make sure that job board searching is most likely for nothing.

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